Today was a lucky day. I often have to use Synergy - Mouse and keyboard sharing software
to share my mouse and keyboard across computers.

This used to work just fine in the past. I can use Synergy running on multiple computers (thats right! across operating systems!). I use my Mac as a the "server" for my mouse and wireless keyboard and then seamlessly use my other computers just my moving my mouse "over those screens!"

Pretty Cool Huh! Just move over the mouse across computers and control them with the keyboard and mouse! Like Magic!!

I use my Mac as the the server.

Why Mac? Coz, I like it!

Now, with my latest install of Maverick on my Mac, I had trouble launching Synergy. The Maverick build was not yet released. So here is the workaround for now!

First, a quick look at my awesome workdesk :)

my awesome workdesk

Here are the steps:

  • Download Synergy: 10.8
  • Install it into the Applications folder
  • Open System Preferences
  • Navigate to Security & Privacy
  • Click the Privacy tab
  • Select Accessibility from the list
  • Open a Finder window
  • Go to the Applications folder
  • Go to the Utilities (within Applications)
  • Drag & drop the Terminal app into the allowed apps list (in System Preferences)
  • Terminal should now be listed as one of the allowed apps
  • Open the Terminal app
  • Run the following command: /Applications/ & exit

setup terminal for synergy to work

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