Casper - The Friendly Ghost!

One day a little boy name Casper was running around like he usually does every morning. The only difference of this morning was that it was unusually foggy, and usually if it's foggy out Casper will refuse to go for a run. But his mother said he was getting a bit tubby and he had to. So Casper put on his raincoat just incase it rained and his hat and went for a run.

Then he encountered his new neighbour's daughter, her name was Katie. She seemed like a disturbed child but Casper was taught to never judge a book by it's cover. So he went up and said"Hello there, My name is Casper I live just a couple doors down. What's your name?"

Katie gave him an odd glare and quietly said "I wouldn't talk so loud if I were you the ghost's might hear you. But other than that my name is Katie. As well as I am not oblivious to the where-a-bouts of your home for I just saw you walk out of your house."

That was basically the end of their conversation due to the fact that after Katie's last statement Casper did not feel right so he basically just started jogging down the block. Mysteriously she was following so Casper ran faster and slowly got lost because she was chasing after him and he would just turn whenever he could. Until finally she chased him into and alley. He hit the back wall and was begging she wouldn't hurt him.

She whispered quietly "I'm not here to hurt you I'm here to protect you, the ghosts are coming for you." Soon enoug they were Casper and Katie were surrounded by ghosts. Casper was scared out of his mind he cowered in a corner. The ghosts swarm him and start to whisper things, things Casper didn't understand it definetly was not in English.

Then one ghost came up to him and in english said "today is your death day, how would you like die. You can die of "suicide" or murder, or we can pretend it was an accident, or "natural" causes. Either way it has to be today."

Casper sat there and thought about it he decided it would be easier on his parents if it was natural. Then they would believe it was painless. So he decided to do a cobination

"Well I have always dreamed of going out with a big bang but I don't want my parents to burden parents and have them investigate it. So why dont we-"

This girl comes into the alley complete stranger takes Casper's hand and chokes him to death. Now the girl cannot see Katie or the ghosts. Katie is in the opposite corner of the alley crying. Slowly the girl backs away as Casper silences, his ghost lifts from his body. And shrieks as he can see his own body from above.

And whispers in the girls ear "I will not rest until we are even. For what you have done was not for you to do. You shall not rest until I am done with you. I will reack havoc on your life until you truly can not live anymore, and when we have reached that point I will make it worse. That's a promise." The girl now knows that casper is there and says very loudly " I'm not afraid of you and I never will be there is nothing you can do to scare me. I don't care what you do. I will live my life fine and guilt free.! And you better listen to that where ever you are."

That is the end on how Casper the Ghost, became Casper the Ghost.

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