I was reading this interesting article titled What The Heck Is SEO? A Rebuttal on Smashing Magazine.

The article uses the following catchy image


Image by rossap

When you right click the image you see the terms under which the image can be used!


You can also find them on the right hand side of the page depicted like so.



The terms are explained in the creative commons page that explain some rights reserved in their exact sense!

A quick summary on when you use the permitted content are (these may be waived as the author chooses to!):

  • Attribution: Give the author credit without being cheesy!
  • Non-Commerical: You cannot use the product for commercial usage
  • Share-alike: Make modifications and distribute under terms similar to what the original author chose to!

Pretty reasonable terms used by lots of artists. Be generous in giving credit and compliments. Build a reinforcing eco-system!

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