PyroStanley is a beautiful theme for PyroCMS. It is based on the theme from BlackTie called Stanley – Freelancer Theme. Stanley is a really simple theme for those wanting to showcase their work with a cute & clean style.

PyroStanley is based on Bootstrap 3.0.3. It brings all the Bootstap goodiness with it. Reliability, Mobile Friendly, Responsive and Fast!

PyroStanley - A beautiful theme based on Bootstrap 3 for PyroCMS

Installation Steps

  • Activate Theme: Go to Admin->Addons->Themes. Activate Pyrostanley.

  • Edit Default Page Layout: Go to Admin->Content->Pages->PageTypes->Default->Edit

Remove the Title to be displayed in every page layout.

Edit Default Page Layout

  • Setup the Home Page

Insert the home partial into the home page as shown below

Setup the home page

Important: Make sure you do it in the source! NOT in the WYSIWYG editor!

  • Setup the Work Page

Add a Work page and setup the partial as shown below

Setup the Work Page

  • Setup the About Page

Add a About page and setup the partial as shown below

Setup the About Page

  • Setup the Project Page

Similar to the above steps!

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