Here are few tidbits from a site that a guy created with a very low budget and sold it at about $65k over a period of a year or so.

Source: I started a niche site last year with practically nothing, and have recently sold it. It grossed over $60k and netted me roughly $35k. AMA : Entrepreneur


'we are to iphone apps what wordpress themes are to blogs'.


The majority of the sites revenue that i quoted has come in the last 6 months! Guess how much i made in the first 6 months? $200. Yes, you read that right, i worked night and day on this site for 6 MONTHS and made $200! But i would not give in. And after a while, it started to make $1k/month, then $2k then $3k. Thats the truth, and the 'secret'. This answers a little 'out there' i know. But i want to be really honest and share real insight. :)


I actually used woo commerce on the backend, which is just a really good wordpress ecommerce plugin. I highly recommend it. It's both digital and physical product compatible.

Work Schedule

I set myself quotas everyday that I had to meet. I.e 10 guest post emails a day, and 2 guest posts written per day.

I spent hours a day coming up with growth strategies for the business. Convicing myself there was not only A way. But many ways to make this succeed. This is unbelievably helpful.

I set revenue goals

I committed fully (the key). From the moment that I started I HAD to see it through. No matter what. In the first few months all I wanted to do was quit. But it's like weight lifting, the mind is very adaptable, eventually this state of mind becomes who you are. Now it's hard for me to quit anything I set my mind to honestly. That's the biggest I have taken from this very modest success.

Mind Block

I have the same issue (well in my head). I know I can sell my services but getting people to buy and download a template I build seems way more difficult and always discourages me from doing it.

I know this feeling. It never goes away, trust me. I STILL am surprised when I make any sales because I think why would anyone want to buy off me? The key is realizing that every product in existence was built by another living breathing human being just like you. No different. That's it. Just recognize that negative chatter for what it is and ignore it.


Hi! Where do your find your traffic? Do you work with Facebook? How to achieve there first susbscribers?

The best way is SEO. I spent hours writing guest posts and emailing bloggers to get them published. Really no secret here, just very hard work. I also did some interviews which brought in some traffic.

Guest Blogging

What I would do is email blogs with post ideas then I would do a back and forth with the blog owner and see which one would be willing to accept. Once that was done then I would write the post and submit it, sometimes i was rejected and I would submit it to another blog and it would get accepted. So ultimately each post I wrote became a useable asset in some way because chances were it could get posted somewhere even if others rejected. Emailing 10 blog owners meant that I would usually get 2 replies and one acceptance. The guest posting game is that tough.

I actually wrote a detailed post about this on as part of my guest posting efforts, you can read it here: It's also the first result you will see in google when you type 'guest post rejection'.

Book Recommendation

I highly recommend reading Perry Marshall's 80/20 marketing book and taking his course on Mixergy, I'm on my phone so linking to those is not possible but they are super easy to google.

What he emphasizes is that once you find the 20% of people who are producing 80% of your revenue, you should focus on that 'pocket' and find the 20% within that segment and focus even further and by doing this you will be reaching your exact customers more effectively and producing more sales.

His concept relies on the 80/20 rule, which he believes and I agree is almost infinitely fractal. Within every 20% there is another even more efficient 20%,etc.

I did this and started approaching my sales and customer acquisition in this way and I can tell you that without a doubt, it worked!

This is what increased my sales. Find the pockets of opportunity then optimise.

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