In this post, we will brainstorm opportunities and avenues to generate cash using affiliate marketing techniques with specific strategies.

First, we will start off with various providers and compare their advantages and disadvantages.
Second, we will cover various forums to understand the places to research for information and stay current with update developments.

Now a look at the providers;

1) Skimlinks(

Apparently, Skimlinks is used by Pinterest for their monetization.

Let us talk about business model for affiliate marketing

To generate money through affiliate marketing you need to find traffic that will convert.

For this to happen, it is essential that you either have sufficient inbound traffic that will convert.
Affiliate marketing is different from adsense kind of income. Adsense pays you for the display network space and compensates you for the impressions that happen on your site. Conversely, affiliate marketing is about making a sale. The more relevant traffic, the more relevant product and the more likelihood of making a sale …. The more chance that you make money.

Also, if you are not a content generator, it may be possible that you are actually displaying ads that have significant monetary value. Effectively, you are a marketer finding a niche product market and selling a product to that market.

The economics for this model is fairly simple, the cost of advertising needs to be less than the product revenue to break-even at minimum.

Now, this could also lead to different opportunities …. for instance … you could sell travel deals using affiliates by advertising to target markets referred products.

This could be extended ….

Product sales could include:

1) Travel deals
2) Fashion products
3) Dating memberships
4) Club Discounts

Choosing a partner to promote

Now, this is important. You want to choose a partner that has a product that sells! You want to find a product that is established, fairly niche, that sufficient people are looking for and something that you are comfortable with selling.
You need to find an area that you could possibly employ and advertise.
A premium product would help since you would possibly able to gather sufficient information and sell a product that people like.

Let us think about few samples that you could sell.

  • Pinterest Clone
  • Dating site using code igniter
  • Pinterest clone on code igniter
  • Dating software


Need to research Flippa to understand price points at which application trade on the open market

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