In this post, I will go through an entire site review of SEOMoz. I will go through what is covered and what exactly the various functionalities provided via SEOMoz.

For the purpose of this case study, I will focus on leveraging SEOMoz to improve the SEO functionality of Shaadi Cafe

The focus of this analysis will be:

  • On-Page SEO Analysis of ShaadiCafe
  • Off-Page SEO Analysis of ShaadiCafe
  • Competitive analysis of following relevant services: Quack Quack, Fropper and Step Out

Setting up a campaign on SEOMoz

In this section we need to input the search engines expected to drive traffic and competition details

Setting up a campaign on SEOMoz

Managing the keywords in the Campaign

Manage Keywords with SEOMoz

The keywords were the obvious guesses (Will cover more on discovering keywords in the next section!)

You can use the Find new keywords section to discover keywords that are driving traffic to your site!

Find New Keywords using SEOMoz

Depending on the amount of traffic your site gets, the ranking report displays the current performance of your site on each of the keywords in each of the search engines. I added few more to the campaign to analyze relevant keywords now! :-)

Keyword Rankings Report from SEOMoz

Let us now look at an example of some better statistics of each keyword between Google US and Google India.

Google India Search Results for one keyword set

Ranking History for dating  indians   indian girl  india dating   Shaadi Cafe   SEOmoz PRO - Google India

Google US Search Results for one keyword set

Google US Search Results for one keyword set

Crawl Diagnostics Summary Report for the site in the campaign performed by SEOMoz

Crawl Diagnostics Summary Report for Shaadi Cafe

Here is an example of the crawl summary.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is basic SEO that is within the control of the webmaster.

Establishing a well defined process while creating and pulbishing content can go a long way into ranking very high in terms of on-page SEO

On-Page SEO is quite simple and logical. A detailed summary is shown in the self-explanatory document below.

In the next post, we will go into further details of Off-Page SEO.
The journey will be very interesting.

Further down, we will go ahead to put together an active and analytical SEO strategy! Should be fun!

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