Business Analysis of Best Broker Website

Domain Analysis

  • What is a Real Estate Broker in the US (residential broker who sells houses)
  • What are the requirements to become a real estate broker (licenses, education, etc)
  • Which associations help out real estate brokers
  • What are the good ways to build a business in real estate brokerage

Product Availability

  • What are the key products available in the market
  • What are their features
  • What price are they at (include various options available)
  • What is their customer volume like

Comparison with Best Broker Website

  • How does the competitive product compare with BBW?

Competitor Analysis

  • What are the keywords they use (see SpyFu)
  • Who are their competitors (look at

Perform Market Research

  • Use Google Adwords to understand ads to be placed to analyze competition
  • Create customized email campaigns using Mailchimp to send to product features to focussed set of users
    • Customize email description to match their current web portal and provide reasons for change!
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