We are looking for a self motivated and creative business analyst to help develop the product map of the products we are working on.

The position will enjoy complete flexibility to work at a self decided pace and schedule as long as the objectives of the position are met.

The key characteristics and job responsibilities needed in the position are:

  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Developing product content
  • Ability to identify and experiment with marketing channels
  • Research market for potential features and developing the product map
  • Ability to research various product verticals with reasonable guidance
  • Try out and comment on web applications for usability, functionality, and bugs
  • Most of our web apps can be used for multiple industries. The intern will be encouraged to try to customize our applications to suit various industries. The typical usage will be in business and creative agencies

The domains we will be working on include:

  • US Real Estate
  • Social Apps
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