I recently dusted off my age old Toshiba M100 satellite laptop to get couple of Windows only apps running.

I am not sure if anyone uses M100 anymore but it was a great buy ages back.

I did a neat reformat of the entire harddisk and installed Win 7 32 Bit.

No issues thus far.

After booting up my machine, everything seemed to work just fine except for the display.

The driver seemed to be the only reason for the display not to function very well. Finding the compatible driver can be quite a problem ... but here is what worked for me.

I downloaded the driver from ATI.

Did the install without any problems and then restarted my machine.

The went to Control Panel -> Devices -> Update Driver -> Find on system (Search the entire C:). The system found the ATI Radeon driver, installed it and then restarted the machine!

The display came up in its pristine glory!

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