Aspiring entrepreneurs engineers often face difficulty in choosing finding ideas to work on.

As I delved into executing few of the ideas that I was overprotective about, I realized that very few none of them were ever exclusive. Every idea that I could think of was being worked upon, trashed and redeveloped by someone else.

Edit: Even Reddit Notifier was already stolen launched by someone else! (And just a few months ago)

With a little bit more maturity Having burnt my fingers, I've realized on the importance of building things someone else wants and avoiding few of the the 18 mistakes that kill startups

Here is my list of thoughts so far to solving the problem thus far.

  • Browse AngelList
    AngelList is a leading directory where most startups are listed with enough meta data to help you research your domain. I've found almost every leading startup to be the follower to multiple failed dead startups … including Facebook, Google, Yahoo
    Researching Angelist can possibly give you a lead by vetting an already thought off idea or at least ensuring that you do not pursue an idea that you believe will fail.
    I've found it quite easy to critic someone else's startup idea and very difficult to criticize the dumb idea that I am working on!

  • Participate in Firespotting!
    Firespotting! is a new site that I was referred to from Hacker News. I find these two sites HN to be particularly good to obtain feedback on anything you are working on!

  • Post on Reddit Entrepreneur
    Reddit has great user interaction. Reddit also has a secret plan for world domination.
    However, in subredditts of my interest, I have found less activity in terms of feedback. The good part is that your post stays at the top for substantial timing giving you possibility more eyeballs. Apparently, Reddit also seems to acknowledge less engagement as per this post

  • Participate in Innocentive

  • Browse SideProjectors

SideProjectors is a marketplace to buy and sell side projects.

To be continued …

[1] How to Get Startup Ideas - Paul Graham

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