I often find myself spending a lot of time figuring out a problem to work on. From analysis of my time spent over the past few weeks, I have realized that the actual time taken to code up a project is much lesser than the other factors that go into making the project. The other tasks include:

  • Finding a worthwhile problem statement
  • Validating that the problem
  • Defining the functional requirements
  • Coding the requirements
  • Marketing the output
  • Gathering feedback
  • Prioritizing and implementing the feedback

Here are some of my thoughts on going about finding a good project to work on.

  • First, think of an area of interest that you want to work on. Your are of interest could include a programming language that would like to code in. A domain of your interest. This could be anything like photography, writing about relationships, writing about travel, etc …
  • Second, spend some time browsing the following sites AngelList, Flippa, Kickstarter. You should find some reasonable research and validation around those project since to some extent they are both funded and have an existing customer base.
  • Third, build a list of definite requirements and code them up and deliver to the market. If you are really keen, record your ideas on Trello. Project management using Asana is also a good option.

Hope you have fun exploring your creativity and turning in some profit!

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