We will use the examples covered in PhoneGap | LXJS Workshop - Beyond the demos: Building Real-Life PhoneGap Apps to build a PhoneGap App.

Will takes notes along the way! :)

  • In mobile apps, you typically need to create single page app and dynamically insert and remove views from the DOM

  • Avoid writing leaking code

  • Consider using templating engines like handlebarjs to make your Single Page Architecture more maintainable

  • Difference between PhoneGap and Cordova

    • PhoneGap is basically a distribution of Cordova from Adobe
    • PhoneGapBuild is basically a build server provided by Adobe to build your application for all supported software platforms
  • To be able to run an app build on your iOS device, you need to sign it with a developer certificate, etc.

  • Merges directory is used for pulling libraries that need to be used as per the platform

  • You need to install PhoneGap plugins to access any services or device features

  • A directory of Cordova plugins is available at Cordova Plugin Registry

  • To add a plugin, you would need to use something like ....

phonegap local plugin add  
  • If you want to install to the console, always install the console plugin

  • Install common plugins

phonegap local plugin add

phonegap local plugin add

phonegap local plugin add

phonegap local plugin add  
  • To enable webinspector on your iPhone Safari .... goto .. settings->safari->advanced

  • Modularize your code

  • Handle Touch

    • Check out the fastclick library on GitHub from ftlabs.
    • For Gestures ... possibly use Hammer.js
  • Use Hardware Acceleration

    • Checkout translate3d to use hardware acceleration in CSS
  • Hide HTML Behaviors

  • Architect for Performance

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